Oni demo (Mac) - additional level 2

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When Oni's demo was first released in 2000, it was only for Windows, and contained levels 1 and 2. Bungie then changed their minds and began packaging the demo with levels 1 and 4. After this, the demo came out for Mac OS, with the second combination of levels 1 and 4. This file will allow you to add level 2 into the Mac demo to experience all three of the levels which were released for the Windows demo.

First download the Mac Oni demo (see http://wiki.oni2.net/Installation for links). Then extract this ZIP and merge its GameDataFolder and GameDataFolder/IGMD folders' contents into the folders of the same names in the Oni demo. Note that you'll need a modern version of the Mac game application in order to play the demo (see http://wiki.oni2.net/AE:FERAL).

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