Hanako (Stripped Particles version for Omega Tournament)

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This is a stripped package from the original one (23615).

You should ONLY use this package with Omega Tournament, otherwise just install the original one (package number: 23615).

This specific version removes some particles (necessary to make all the chars in Omega Tournament to work together) and does not receive updates from the original package!

macOS users are not affected by the reduced number of particles, they are still installed with this package because macOS does not have the same Windows particles number limitation.

Related particle limitation on Windows for which this package needed to be created: http://www.bugs.oni2.net/ticket/27


Adds New character Hanako. Hanako is Hayate's female partner. Like him she's an agile, modern, yet classic warrior. the character comes with 7 outfits, new custom moves, custom contrails, hit impacts and daodan glow.
Heavy Kick animation and chenille by paradox-01, Running Kick throw animation by Andrew.

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