Tom's Battlefield Script

Tom Aysom
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This script uses level 1.


Tom's Oni hand to hand weapon combat ass-kicking script: The battlefield is set... let the slaughter begin...


Set the walls on fire, duck, dodge and kick butt! This is a multiroom hand to hand combat script with weaponry starting in the hands of the enemies.

It's you verses ten other goons.
You begin your journey in the last room of the training scripts, but be warned: THIS IS NO TRAINING EXERCISE.
Two strikers, one with an oozy, are in there with you.
I've activated 'everything_breakable' so if you're not quick enough the oozy will shatter the floor and you'll fall into the abyss.
Kill the two jokers and pinch the oozy then blast your way through to the room behind you.
There, three more are awaiting your arrival.
Have a good fistfight and try not to shatter too much of the scenery, then smash your way into the next room.
Two more are ready to pounce; knock them out, atomize the door and break into the other room.
More still are looking forward to your entrance - so make sure it's a good one.
Devastate another door and traverse a few more rooms, then obliterate one last door and end it all with a duel between you and Karen.

It's best to use weapons only to shatter doors; anything else and things get a little messy. I prefer hand to hand anyway.

Also, fighting Karen is a lot of fun,
her moves and attacks are very predictable and if you're fast enough you can fight her 'till the cows come home without her laying a single blow on you.

I know absolutely nothing about scripting so if it doesn't work the way it should, do what I always do and blame Bill Gates.

Tom Aysom,

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