Veracity chp.2 New Light

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Description from author (2001-08-29):

The plot thickens with the next part to the Veracity Trilogy. In this script you are given a mission. What this entails you will find out when you play the script. I've been working on this script for around 3 months, a lot of research has gone into this to make it just that bit more exciting and hopefully you will agree once you've played the script, and try to prove to yourself that you can complete the level without cheating ;?) No more shall be said, now go and play!!!!!!

Note from s10k (2018-06-17):

This is the second of SHAQX's scripts from his Veracity Chronicles trilogy. To start the script, load Musashi Manufacturing (Chapter 2).

It was a huge journey to find these scripts. It took almost 1 year to find them and I thought they were lost forever. More info here:

A HUGE thanks to WJTW, who found them in his archives and was kind enough to share them with me.

I just re-packaged the scripts for the AEI, all the credit goes to SHAQX!

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