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It's been too long since we updated the front page of this site, but we have big news. OniX is a fan-made rebuild of Oni.exe, intended to give us new possibilities in terms of modding, new engine features and support. This first release starts off simple: it merely preserves the behavior of vanilla Oni, while fixing any Windows compatibility issues and moving to a new game data versioning system. As a result of the Windows compatibility work, windowed mode is a lot more useable, and HDPI and HRR displays are supported. The details of the release, and any future updates, can be found on the wiki HERE.

Note that this initial build is not specifically compatible with the Anniversary Edition, and you won't get the improvements/additions to game behavior which are made by the Daodan DLL. This will change in OniX v1.1 and later.

- Retail copy of Oni
- One-time conversion of your game data (instructions included in download)

Node links:
- Windows:
- Mac: Coming soon-ish