OniSplit GUI for Windows

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OniSplit GUI 0.9.1

- Added Media Tab. Listen to SNDDs and watch TXMPs. All credits to EdT. It's his idea.
- Fixed a bug when you try to convert an *.obj to M3GM and GUI doesn't show you any *.objs when you click browse.
- Launch OniSplit with my GUI once and then press Ctrl+E. GUI will paste last param line to Manual Command Input field so you can use some functions of OniSplit I haven't implemented yet.

Since Gumby himself doesn't know what is making AEI dislike some bsl-only mods I didn't touch AEPackage Creating Tab too much.
There is a known bug that is not fixable without rewiting that part of GUI. Drag'n'Drop doesn't work on
AEPackages:Script Settings:Enable BSL->Add Folder:Source Folder input field.
I don't know why. AU3 community doesn't seem to know too.

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Nice tool, avoided me to learn some onisplit commands.