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s10k, geyser, Your_Mom, EdT
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Features: Multiple arenas, 30 frags for victory, Weapons option, Special Moves.

Script10K provided the initial idea, geyser produced the core scripting, Your_Mom did the cross-level porting, EdT made the scripts Mac compatible.

1. Run Oni and click "Load Game"

2. Load one of the TCTF Headquarters save points to play
SP0 : hand-to-hand only
SP1 : mixed guns given at respawn
SP2 : mixed guns lying on the ground
SP3 : Campbell Equalizers given at respawn
SP4 : Campbell Equalizers lying on the ground
The amount of weapons is readily adjustable by scripting.

3. The arena cycles between 3 different arenas :
arena 0 : DAMOCLES
arena 1 : CRASH N' BURN

4. The first team to reach the frag limit wins.
The arena then automatically moves to the next area.
The frag limit is readily adjustable by scripting.

This version allows you to play Team Deathmatch, with 3 different modes :
hand-to-hand fighting
mixed gameplay, weapons given at respawn
mixed gameplay, weapons placed on the ground
in any Oni level (with minimum porting work involved).

The 2 other modes (inspired by Blade Runner):
hand-to-hand and Campbell Equalizers given at respawn
hand-to-hand and Campbell Equalizers given at respawn
are not really "different" (basically just restricted "mixed gameplay").

Players respawn at randomly generated locations, with randomly
generated powerups and weapons. Music is random too.

Game events like the death of a player are announced with random
messages and FPS-inspired notifications about the arena progress.

The arena is not confined to one spot : it can cycle between any number
of "areas" in a given level. All useful parameters (weapon spawn rate,
maximum number of weapons, frag limit, music, rain/snow) are adjustable
on an area-by-area basis.

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