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Lukas Kreator
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- Kojiro Editor 1.0 -


The aim of Kojiro (Editor) is to make the XML editing process easier, faster and more efficient. Kojiro's workflow is simple: load a XML or ONI file (wich is converted automatically to XML), travel through the nodes using the list on the left and the right-click menu (or buttons at the top), edit the desired nodes' names, values and attributes, optionally add and remove nodes, and save the file as a XML or ONI. When editing large files or comparing some files' nodes, it is also very useful.

Known Bugs and Issues

For now, the XML preview feature will not work on Macs (that thing on the right will not be displayed correctly). This issue is being worked on.
If you have any other problems, small or big, you should report them here so I can fix them and update the download links.

Future Plans

- "Node Patterns" system addition;
- Possible addition of scripting automation;
- Creation of a tutorial;
- Creation of an Example Mod, completely using Kojiro, and an Example Video (if you want to help me doing this one, PM me);
- Fix the preview issue;
- Have more ideas? Post them here.

Last Updates

- Mac version is working now!
- Changed the XML preview. It is a little worse, but cross-platform;
- Double-click support added.

Thank you all for the support!

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