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Adds new characters: Mutant Jester and company.
Mutant Jester is inspired by the Jester character from "Devil May Cry 3" game and by Batman's Joker. He's an annoying, over the top character, yet fun to play with and fight against.
In addition to Mutant Jester this mod also adds : a male jester minion, a female jester minion aka Jessie, a mini and a giant jester.
They all have custom move sets, sounds and more.

For more info, screenshots and support visit this thread.

you can see Jester and Co. in action in this YouTube video which showcases all their moves and combos.
version 2.2 uses an updated heavy kick shown in this video

Additional Credits: Jester sounds made by Leus. Right and left cartwheel animations by EdT.

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