Lukas Kreator
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= Goal =

Compare multiple XML files simultaneously, by section. This will not edit XML, I believe.

= New Features =

- The program is basically made of two lists.
- You can load multiple files at the same time.
- The program removes the FourCC and extension of files (suggestion, as always, of Iritscen :)

= How To =

Use the "Add Files" button to add files to compare. The sections and tags are always based on the first file you add. You can add multiple files at a time.

= Known Issues and Future Improvements =

- Idented tags cannot be edited, at least for now. This is intentional.
- I must improve the way the program checks if the files are valid and similar. Shouldn't be a problem, usually.
- If there is an unknown tag between the tags in a file (unknown concerning the tags in the pattern file), it will mess up all tags below it. I haven't experienced this yet (althrough I know it can happen), probabily because the "property" tags are usually on top of the files.

= Credits =

Code - Lukas Kreator
Idea - Iritscen
Inspiration - Oni Central Forum