Shinatama Evolved

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Adds a new character, Shinatama Evolved. Shinatama got rebuilt into a mean, lean, fighting machine!

The character comes with 6 Variants (outfits): Bionic, Cyborg, Cyborg Blackops, Cyborg Gold, Bot, and Bot 2.

In addition to a custom move set, custom sounds, and talking portrait.
Shinatama Evolved can shoot VDG stun particles using her Forward Punch, and has a special Self Destruct when defeated.

Screenshot 1 - All 6 variants.
Screenshot 2 - The 3 Cyborg variants in game.

You can also see Shinatama Evolved in action in this YouTube video by John Thunder.

For more info, screenshots, change logs, and support visit this thread.

Additional Credits:
The self destruct particle, the right and left cartwheel animation by EdT. The model used for the bot 2 variant is based on the Amaya character from Oni 2 (Angel Studios), extracted by Geyser and imported by Edt. Bozzman, SeverED: utilized and modified their textures. DarkLitria: Drew the sketch on which the Bionic outfit is based. ViciousReilly: the custom talking portrait he made for Shinatama is included.

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