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De Dust Deluxe is based on the port of Counter-Strike's "Dust II" (de_dust2) map done by Delano762. You can play a number of mods based on which save point you load.

SP0: Explore the De Dust level
SP1: Knockdown Parkour - Find and knock down 20 opponents in the fastest time. (My best time is 176 seconds. -EdT)
SP2: Oni Team Arena - Original by geyser
SP3: Oni Zen Garden - Original by Leus
SP4: Renegade - Original by Script_10k and geyser
SP5: Against All Odds - Original by Mengjun
SP6: Take Me Down - Original by Script_10k
SP7: Clean up - Unlimited ammo, limited health, all opponents are armed, can you clean up the town?

To access the the savepoints, enter Developer Mode, in the console (press Tilde) enter the command "getgames" then press the RETURN key.

For more info, screenshots and support visit this thread.

Uses level 22.

Package icon 80260De_Dust1_12.zip3.15 MB