FemCops and Blackops 4 in 1

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1- Adds a new class of Female Blackops TCTF including 3 variants.
2- Adds a Blackops outfit for Konoko.
3- Adds SOUNDS for the original Female Cops and the new Blackops ones including taunts, alert, startle, pursue, and check body sounds.
4- Adds a new regular Female Cop variant.

Note this package will also install the improved cops textures package.

For more info, screenshots, change logs, and support visit this thread.

Screenshot 1 - Fem Blackops and Konoko Blackops outfit.
Screenshot 2 - FemCops with the new variant.

Additional Credits:
-Parts of the Blackops model are based on Leucha's HD Konoko
-The sounds are done by Dorothy Jean Thompson aka pyro13djt on freesound.org
-SeverED's textures were used and modified to make the facial textures.

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