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Incorporates the custom characters made by Samer into the original game in various levels.

*Fight alongside Casey in some of the earlier levels.
*Hayate and Hanako accompany Mukade and try to stall you as he escapes in the Regional State Building and Rooftops levels.
*Fight the Saisei team at key points in the game! Kojiro (Muro's Right hand man), Eris (the dangerous fury), Brontes (the brutal tanker commander), Demos & Doyle (the striker brothers)… can you beat their health regeneration?
*An all-new Dream Lab full of unexpected surprises! It's even stranger than usual now, but Konoko will receive help from an unexpected source…. The Jesters and the Hasegawas make an appearance.
*Black Ops TCTF are strong, but can you beat the stronger and faster Golden TCTF in Science Prison? And the Black Ops Female Cops in TCTF Redux?
*Will Konoko kill Casey to get to Griffin? Find out in TCTF Redux.
*Muro's looking more elegant in his suit, and Konoko gets a cool Black Ops outfit in some levels.
*Tired of the same enemies over and over? Casual Tankers will make an appearance in some levels and shake things up a bit.
*If you thought Shinatama was gone forever, think again! Witness the new epic final battle where Team Konoko faces off Team Muro.

*Epic final battle in 2 versions:
The spared Griffin version: Stand with your allies and fight against Muro and the stronger mutated Saisei team, with new surprises to keep you on your toes.
The killed Griffin version: Stand alone against Mutant Muro and take out the Saisei team protecting him in this new final battle with new mechanics.

For more info, screenshots and support, visit this thread.

See the official video that showcases the most notable changes here.

See a video of the modified final battle, Killed Griffin Version here.
See a video of the modified final battle, Spared Griffin Version here.
See a video of the modified Dream Lab here.

Incompatible with other mods that modify the scripts or character lineups of original levels.

Additional credits: Improved Regenerating Fury battle and Shinatama death cutscene by Loser.

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