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This is a direct sequel to Mariachi's Lab Oni Script.

Greetings to all Oni fans,

This is yet another chapter of my new Oni storyline. This one takes place in the state building. After playing this script, you will no doubt have many questions on your mind. If you've played my other scripts, you'll find that there's not much relationship between this one and the others (I skipped a few levels to script this one because it was easier). But the story goes like this:

Syndicate Activity has been kept to a minimum, puzzling TCTF agents. Few or no signs of activity.
The WCG has kept an eye on TCTF operations, and a new WCG president (Raymond Nyakuzki), elected by it's members, has risen to take centre stage. He is wanting to turn down the intensity and authority of the TCTF, knowing full well that the Syndicate is still a potential threat. Aside from this, he is also pushing for technological development to make a "perfect world."
Nyakuzki's plans for world development intend to draw and use large amounts of money, which has some citizen's worried about the future.
Members and high ranking officers of the TCTF are very uneasy with this political decision and feel that if he restricts operations, Syndicate activity may spring up again. It is their belief that it is much to early for the TCTF program to be terminated.
So far, the WCG has ordered a reduction in TCTF conducted investigations of street crime and controversial background investigations of large tech. corporations.
Since this event, Konoko has decided to investigate Nyakuzki's background information at the state building.

And now, Oni fans, take over and see what happen's next.

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