Anniversary Edition Seven is here!

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The final version of the community modding framework, the Anniversary Edition, is here! The AE is a mod installer (the "AEI"), the latest patches, and a framework for modding Oni. It makes it easier to install people's mods, create your own, and it keeps Oni up-to-date with patches. The support forum for any mods you choose to install is HERE and the support forum for the AE is HERE.

The new AE Installer has some exciting new features like auto-updates, tools can be downloaded from within the Installer, and mod packages can do more, including bi-platform support and incompatibility/dependency listings. Read all about the AE on our wiki HERE.

- Retail copy of Oni
- (Mac only) Java installation (download; there's one included with the Windows AE installer)
- (Mac only) Mono (download)
- (Windows only) .NET 3.5 or later (to install .NET 3.5, type 'features' in the Windows menu, choose "Turn Windows features on or off", and enable ".NET 3.5 Framework"; you can download 3.5 here if you don't have it as an option)

Download links:

1) Download the file found on the Depot page linked to above.
2a) Windows: Run the EXE from anywhere.
2b) Mac: Extract the contents of the zip file anywhere and run.
3) Just follow the instructions that Setup gives!