Hidden Treasure Challenge

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Are you smart enough to find the hidden "Rayman Fist Weapon" in each of the levels ? Use these riddles to figure out their location, I challenge you :D

here are the riddles\hints:

Chapter 1 Warehouse: Don't neglect the yellow alert for the red alarm !
Chapter 2 Manufacturing Plant: Stop, Duck and Roll .. then jump.
Chapter 3 Bio Research Lab: Before You blow it, you'll find this close to invisible.
Chapter 4 Airport Assault: They couldn't find rayman a better seat on this flight ?
Chapter 5 Airport Cargo Hangars : hurry you're trying to get on a plane, but with a bit of luck you'll get on a truck
Chapter 6 TCTF HQ : oh please, look at her all smug thinking she's unreachable stationed there !
Chapter 7 Atmospheric Center Exterior: before you start running and jumping like crazy take a moment to visit the back bar
Chapter 8 Atmospheric Center Interior: don't worry she can wait, so cheer up before you say goodbye
Chapter 9 Regional State Building: strange when your closest alleys turn against you.
Chapter 10 Rooftops: Konoko needs an umbrella here but I decided to ad this instead.
Chapter 11 Dream Lab: easy one, you can spot it with the corner of your eye
Chapter 12 Science Prison: who put that there?! hope it didn't affect the readings
Chapter 13 TCTF HQ Redux: there's nothing better than some fresh air when you're feeling on the edge.
Chapter 14 Mountain Compound: after you knocked on the door did you notice the fly on the wall?

For more info, support and a spoiler video showing the solutions\locations visit this thread.

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