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[Aftermath III] Readme


1) Introduction/About the Script

Alright. About this script.

Aftermath III has nothing to do with the first 2 Aftermaths. All three has Muro returning for a battle with you again, but each fight is different from the other scripts. Take it that each script takes place in an alternate universe (I believe the "Multiverse" theory.)

I LOVE Level 4!!! It is the easiest to script with everything arranged nicely, like the door numbers, which is really arranged in order from the entrance to the other entrance(that leads to Airport 2).

Like the FAQ mentioned, DO NOT RUN FROM SAVE POINT 1!!! Start from SAVE POINT 3!
If you run from Save Point 1, you will be able to play a fragment of my other upcoming Oni Script that comes together with a .raw file (so, Mac users might not be able to view the character switch.)

To have a slightly more challenging Muro, you can download the .raw file I've edited that has a better Muro that fights as well as the Final Level Muro (for more, view the FAQ).


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