Veracity chp.1 Incursion - Hard

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Description from author (2001-10-12):
This is the best script I have created yet, it’s been ripening in my hardrive for weeks. In this script you can use your super punch by pressing crouch and back. You have to fight some of the strongest opponents yet. I've made it so that if you’re getting beat up quite badly Griffin will step in to help. It's got 4 stages to it so don't give up if you die straight away! I won't tell you anymore, you'll have to play it to find out what it’s about. If you're finding this script a bit too hard, make Konoko walk and you'll become unstoppable, this feature is a bit fiddly so isn't 100% efficient. If you wanna cancel the feature you just walk again. You can do this in the easy version as well.

Note from s10k (2018-06-17):

This is the first of SHAQX's scripts in his Veracity Chronicles trilogy. To start the script, load the Training or Warehouse level.

You can also find the Easy difficulty script inside the package, but the Hard difficulty is installed by default.

It was a huge journey to find these scripts. It took almost 1 year to find them and I thought they were lost forever. More info here:

A HUGE thanks to WJTW, who found them in his archives and was kind enough to share them with me.

I just re-packaged the scripts for the AEI; all the credit goes to SHAQX!

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