Naomi (Stripped Particles version for Omega Tournament Windows)

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This is a stripped package from the original one (21000).

You should ONLY use this package with Omega Tournament (Windows version), otherwise just install the original one (package number: 21000).

This specific version removes some particles (necessary to make all the chars in Omega Tournament to work together) and does not receive updates from the original package!

Related particle limitation on Windows for which this package needed to be created:


Adds my custom character, Naomi.\n
Custom animations made by me (back-forward kick, taunts, idles, forward kick, forward throws, back kick throw, powerup, forwards punch, teleporting dodges, combat idle, pistol idle)
Custom moveset
Custom chenille and contrail.
Able to link combos with another combo, throws, super moves.
I also added a text document with her melee profile for those who would like to use her in a level.
She also uses some moves from other custom characters such as Sarai and Hanako.

What's new:
New Costume
New Sweep
New Forward Punch Move

Exclusively for the new costume:
Getup forward and back Kick
New Kick Throw
3 New Taunts
New Back Forward Kick.

Also to note; The Super Punch now has some vulnerabilities to help balance the character.