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In a parallel Oni universe, the greatest fighters have gathered from around the world to decide who is the strongest.

From the lava pits to the arctic tundra, can you surpass the competition and become the new champion?

* 32 character tournament (with a pool of 49 different characters)
* Tournament characters are randomized
* 23 music tracks (13 totally new)
* 4 completely different arenas
* 3 different game modes
* Boss character
* Unlockables, secrets and easter eggs

You can also create your own packages to add/replace music and characters. See the packages 80005 and 80006 as examples how to create your own.

Do you like the mod? Please give me feedback! I would really appreciate to hear about it, please make a post in Omega Tournament forum topic here:

P.S. A huge thanks to all the contributors to the level, all of you are in the Credits.txt file (inside 80004Omega_Tournament_Core package) and in the credits displayed in game!


My game is crashing (out of memory)!
- Make sure you don't install more particles mods than the ones required by Omega Tournament (blood mods are also confirmed to work with the level).

- You can find more help and report other problems in the level topic:

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