CharacterRetexture Pt1 Konoko-Cops

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Samer, ViciousReilly, SeverED
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This will improve the textures for Konoko, Female Cops (Karens), and Male cops.

For Konoko it includes her HQ generic TCTF outfit made by ViciousReilly (VR), Konoko's Cop outfit made by SeverED, Konoko's face texture using a modified SeverED version 1 texture, and mid, wrist, and neck textures to match for all her outfits.
The Male and Female cop body and face textures used SeverED's as basis.

Screenshot 1 - Konoko Cop and Generic outfits.
Screenshot 2 - Female Cops.
Screenshot 3 - Male Cops.

For more info, screenshots, change logs, and support visit this thread.