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Samer, SeverED, Bozzman
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This will improve the face and body textures for many of the main characters: Muro, Griffin, Barabas, and Shinatama, + the face texture for Kerr.

For Muro it includes a slightly modified version of VR's HQ body textures and a face texture combining SeverED's version 3 with the hair made by VR.
For Griffin it includes his HQ generic outfit made by VR and face texture of SeverED's version 3. \n For Shinatama it includes the face texture of SeverED version 2 with improved body textures to match.
For Barabas it includes his face texture using SeverED's version 3, and new HQ body Textures made by Samer by modifiying Bozzman's Camo version, but keeping his original color scheme.
In addition to Kerr's face texture by SeverED.

Screenshot 1 - Muro.
Screenshot 2 - Barabas.
Screenshot 3 - Griffin's Generic Outfit.
Screenshot 4 - Shinatama & Kerr.

For more info, screenshots, change logs, and support visit this thread.

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