300 Seconds

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A challenging scenario that uses all of the Science Prison level for a new mission.

300 Seconds' - an ItemfinderDeluxe Script

Version 1.5 (28/11/2008) - Updated Release
Version 1.0 (26/11/2008) - Initial Release


To think, it's been a year since I wrote my first script... I need
to try harder :( .

Anyway, welcome to my second script for Oni :)
This is but one part of a number of a number of scripts designed to
'spice up' the game. Please note that there are no save points in
this script, as I believe that the mission it too short to need one.
Also, it would go against the idea of the mission.

I got the idea from wandering about how Konoko moved around NeoTokyo
whilst wanted posters of her were everywhere. Typically, I surmised
that Konoko must have a false identity or two so she could sneak around
without being detected. Obviously, she would go to great lengths to
keep those ID's out of TCTF hands.

The four files (300_main, 300_level_logic, 300_spawn, 300_particle_script)
go into the 'neuro' (TCTF Science Prison) folder. As always, please make
a backup of the original files before you insert these files.

Should be none :)

1. This script disables the HUD's. If you want to view them in this
mission, open up '300_main', and insert hashes in front of the
following lines as such:

# env_show 271 0
# env_show 272 0

Alternatively, you could change the 0 values to 1.

2. The varying savepoints have been set up so that differing levels
of difficulty can be experienced. In ascending order, Save Point 0
is the easiest, right through to the Extremely Impossible Save Point 4.

3. Yes, there are no cutscenes. The script's flow is backward, and so
none of the potential cutscene material from the original level is
of use to me here. Maybe in some future update I'll try to make one.

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