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This is a direct sequel to MBear_manplant.

This script is a continuation of the last script I wrote, which took place at the Musashi Manufacturing plant. Last time, if you remember, Konoko and a team of agents was sent to the plant on a raid operation, to find evidence that would help them shut down the facility, another Syndicate front. The place looked empty, but much to their surprise, and no surprise for you the player (hopefully), there were some Syndicate troops at work there. Anyway, the evidence found at the plant has TCTF investigators puzzled, and reports of violent attacks on research facilities and government buildings has fear racing through everyone.
Since this is the continuation of the last episode, Konoko is sent to Vago Biotech to check out the buidling's security. Everything seems normal at the facility, but beware, syndicate troops could strike at any moment....
If you thought that I make scripts really easy to play, good luck with this one. This episode is much harder than the last because I've added more enemies, more civilians, and more weapons for the enemies, so you'll have your hands full. But wait a minute! Before you go, you should know that this script is only the first version and there's a lot of things you have to take into account. First, bugs. Yes, I know that there are a few bugs in this script but for know, if you want to play it 'cause you can't wait, do so keeping these points in mind:

1. The scientist that greets you at the beginning is supposed to activate a console in front of you to "call security." But in order for you to proceed through the game, that console (in the lobby) must be activated twice, or until you get a message telling you to go to the elevator on the left.

2. In the building's research wing, you must track down a Communications trooper (you're not supposed to catch him or anything, you're just chasing him, so better beat up the other strikers first).

3. In the building's research wing, when the communications trooper comes out of one of the side rooms, he will be followed by 2 striker guards (you're chasing them too). These three are all immune to weapons, but the two striker guards will turn to "try to find you" and might come your way, then disappear. That's the bug. I'll try to fix that for a later version.

And I think that's it. Sorry for making this so long. Now, go play!

P.S.- send me your comments.

Mariachi Bear

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