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Mariachi Bear
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This script takes place at the Musashi Manufacturing plant (i.e. level 2), under some really strange conditions. At the beginning, a team of TCTF agents, including Konoko, is scoping out the main entrance of the plant. They've been ordered to raid the place looking for Syndicate activity (yet again!), but the plant looks deserted. Konoko is in command of the team of agents, and decides to go ahead with the raid given the fact that they might not find anything or anyone.

There's a few surprises along the way, but very few guys. Now for all those of you who like the general ass kicking in Oni, sorry there's not much of that. I believe you get to fight about 10 to 15 guys. But the script is supposed to introduce you to an evil scheme of world domination or even world destruction as complex and shocking as Muro's evil scheme in the original Oni storyline.

I've taken some ideas and concepts from other scripts that I've played, created by others. Likewise, I'll ask you to avoid using cheats when playing this script for the first time, so you can play the script as it was meant to be played, and enjoy it fully.

Good luck and enjoy my script!

Mariachi Bear

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