Mods (filtered by "Tool")

Package Number Mod Namesort descending Creator Last Updated Categories Download Link(s)
(old) Vago GUI (AEI1 and source code) s10k 2014/01/29 (none), Tool, Windows (old),
7 AE Read-Me Iritscen 2015/03/29 Both, Package, Tool
AETools EdT 2013/01/20 (none), Tool, Mac OS
animation help Paradox-01 2012/04/30 File swap, Tool, Windows,
Bot Editor demos_kratos 2010/01/01 (none), Tool, Windows,
Kojiro Editor Lukas Kreator 2011/01/30 (none), Tool, Windows Kojiro Editor (WIN).zip
Kojiro Editor (MAC) Lukas Kreator 2011/01/30 (none), Tool, Mac OS Kojiro Editor (MAC).zip
Mac Services Iritscen 2014/01/29 File swap, Tool, Mac OS Compress (Windows-friendly).zip,
Convert oni to,
Find changes to oni
Mod Tool resources Paradox-01 2013/02/19 (none), Both, Tool,,
8050 Oni Key Editor s10k 2013/06/09 Both, Package, Tool
Oni Key Editor Script10k 2010/09/07 (none), Both, Tool,
Oni Model Extractor (OME) Kuchumov Nikolay 2010/04/01 (none), Both, Tool ome.rar
Oni SaveGame Editor (OSGE) (Mac) Tobias Opfermann & LaftY Software 2009/04/11 (none), Tool, Mac OS Oni Savegame Editor
Oni SaveGame Editor (OSGE) (Windows) Tobias Opfermann 2009/04/12 (none), Tool, Windows
Oni Script Editor Tyr 2009/03/29 (none), Tool, Windows Oni Script
Oni Script Installer s10k 2013/06/09 (none), Both, Tool
Oni Trainer Alloc 2013/02/09 (none), Tool, Windows
OniBrowser Neo 2013/02/18 (none), Tool, Windows
OniLib Dirk Gently 2011/01/22 (none), Tool, Mac OS
OniSplit Neo 2014/07/13 (none), Both, Tool,,,,,,,,,,,,
0 OniSplit (AEI) Neo 2014/02/09 Both, Package, Tool
OniSplit GUI for Windows demos_kratos 2012/04/07 (none), Tool, Windows,,
OniUnPacker Alloc 2013/01/27 (none), Tool, Windows
8011 Vago GUI (Mac) s10k 2015/05/31 Package, Tool, Mac OS
8010 Vago GUI (Win) s10k 2014/04/30 Package, Tool, Windows
XMLEquality Lukas Kreator 2011/07/19 (none), Both, Tool XMLEquality 1.2.0 -,
XMLEquality 1.2.0 -
1 XmlTools s10k 2015/06/07 Both, Package, Tool
2 XmlToolsDependencies s10k 2015/06/07 Both, Package, Tool