About the Mod Depot

A tasty faviconWhat is the Mod Depot?
The Oni Mod Depot is where Oni fans can find mods to enhance the original game. All mods require that you have the original retail version of Oni for the Mac or for Windows. Modders upload their work here whenever they want. If you got here without meeting the community at the forum, head on over to the Oni Central Forum and say hello. The members there can answer any questions you have.

What Should I Do First?
First you should play through vanilla (unmodded) Oni. But maybe you already knew that. After that you can click on the filters in The Mods sidebar to see what looks interesting. You might want to start with the Anniversary Edition, a collection of mods that alters many elements of Oni.

How Do I Apply a Mod I Downloaded?
There are multiple types of mods that are installed in different ways. Most mods have been converted into a format known as a mod package ("package" for short). Packages are installed by the Installer in the Anniversary Edition. For mods that have not been made into packages, look for specific installation instructions in a read-me that comes in the .zip file. If there's no read-me, consult this thread for general installation instructions by mod type.

If you're still stuck, ask for help on the forum (see first link) in the Modifications sub-forum.

Can I Upload a Mod?
If you're a known member of the community and a modder, sure. To upload, you need to be given a user account, which will only happen if the administrator knows you from your modding activity in the community. Keep in mind, downloading does not require an account; so if you haven't made any mods there isn't any reason to register!

Also, your mods must be zipped and no more than 150 megabytes in that compressed form. Finally, make sure you learn the official Mod Depot terminology before uploading anything; it's your responsibility to correctly categorize the files you upload.

Once you have an account, click "Add content" on the left-hand side to start setting up a page for your mod, and don't forget to add the mod's ZIP file under the "File attachments" section of the form!

How Do I Update/Delete an Upload?
To update a mod, view that mod's page, then look for the Edit button at the top of it (you must be logged in). Clicking that will take you to the upload form with the mod's current information filled in. Look for the "File attachments" section, check the Delete checkbox, and hit Save at the bottom to remove just the attached file. Of course, this will leave you with no file, just a description. You then click Edit again, and add an attachment the usual way. Don't forget to update the relevant parts of the page's info about the mod! If you want to actually delete a mod from the Depot, you will have to email Iritscen at the address below.

About This Site
The Oni Mod Depot is built on Drupal, a free, modular content management platform that runs on PHP and SQL. The visual theme is "Twilight" by Pixture Studio. The site is administered by Iritscen, who can be reached through iritscen{at}oni2{dot}net. The oni2.net domain is administered by Alloc.