Announcing OniX

It's been too long since we updated the front page of this site, but we have big news. OniX is a fan-made rebuild of Oni.exe, intended to give us new possibilities in terms of modding, new engine features and support. This first release starts off simple: it merely preserves the behavior of vanilla Oni, while fixing any Windows compatibility issues and moving to a new game data versioning system. As a result of the Windows compatibility work, windowed mode is a lot more useable, and HDPI and HRR displays are supported.

Anniversary Edition Seven is here!

The final version of the community modding framework, the Anniversary Edition, is here! The AE is a mod installer (the "AEI"), the latest patches, and a framework for modding Oni. It makes it easier to install people's mods, create your own, and it keeps Oni up-to-date with patches. The support forum for any mods you choose to install is HERE and the support forum for the AE is HERE.

New mods on the scene

We've had some big mods added lately! Two megapacks, one a collection of retextured Oni characters (using work by SeverED and Bozzman), and one a collection of new playable characters, were released by Samer (Retextures; New Characters). Not only that, but a fully functional level was created by EdT and Script10K: Old China. Be sure to try them out and let the creators know on the forum if you enjoy their work (links to forum threads found on individual mod pages).

Now you can train in HD

A while back, we uploaded a sampler of ViciousReilly's new textures for TCTF Training that had just a few replacements for the original textures. Well, the node's been updated with the full set of textures he made. They're at 512px, so make sure you are using the Daodan DLL if you're in Windows, and the latest Oni app on Macintosh (see the Patch mod type in the sidebar, or just install the AE to get the patches). Oni never looked so sharp! This package also contains revised textures for Konoko herself (TCTF armored uniform only).

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