Oni game app (Mac OS X 10.6, Intel)

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Bungie, Take-Two, The Omni Group, Feral Interactive
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The Oni game application for Intel Macs running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. This app is not intended for OS X 10.7 or above, and will not run at all in OS X 10.10 or above. In 10.7 or above, you should use the game app that is installed by the Anniversary Edition (http://mods.oni2.net/node/75) automatically, or download the app for 10.7+ directly from here: http://mods.oni2.net/node/320.

The file provided below is a mod package meant to be downloaded through the Anniversary Edition: http://mods.oni2.net/node/75. Click here for a direct download of the 10.6 game app in ZIP form: http://mods.oni2.net/node/319.

Note: If you uninstall this version of the game app, the AE/ folder will probably be missing your original game app that came with the AE. You can get it back by going into the folder AE/AEInstaller/packages/, opening 00011OniEngineMac, then going into the subfolder plain/mac_only/ and copying Oni.app to the AE/ folder.

Package icon 08100OniEngineMacSnowLeopard.zip1.85 MB