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OniSplit allows the exporting and importing of many important kinds of Oni game data, such as textures, sound, 3D models, level geometry, and combat animations!

Please read the documentation at http://wiki.oni2.net/OniSplit for instructions on how to use this program.

Note that this Tool requires the third-party tool "mono" to run on a Mac, and .NET on Windows (links for this software are found on the wiki page above).

v0.9.99.2 - Adds Blender support using the tag -blender. Updated by geyser.

v0.9.99.0 - Supports alternate style for physics.xml (file included) and add potential fix for single OBAN creation from *.dae. (Needs more tests.)

v0.9.96.0 - Adds support for adding corpses. In the section of the master.xml file add the line corpses.xml Sample corpses.xml included.

v0.9.95.0 - Fixes bugs converting OBJ to M3GM and converting ONWC to OBJ or DAE

v0.9.94.0 - Makes BGR and RGBA as default texture formate for level import. Auto-scales textures that aren't power of two or bigger than 512x512 pixel.

v0.9.93.0 - Adds -debug to level creation, now env_show_ghostgqs=1 will display ghost quads in Oni

v0.9.92.0 - Fixes two bugs: error with degenerated polygons, and wrong pelvis height in character import

v0.9.90.0 - Fixes bugs with Import/Export of M3GM, -noanim, TRAM export. Adds option to export multiple animations to single dae. Adds scene exporter.

v0.9.86.0 - Import/Export OBAN as dae, convert saved_filmxx.dat files to xml.

v0.9.68.0 - Improved level creation.

v0.9.61.0 - Automatic calculation of attack extents.

v0.9.58.0 - Various bug fixes and adds autogenerated pathfinding grids and compressed animation frames. Also supports Sketchup files with groups.

v0.9.54.0 - Used to create QKeys for TRAM then OBAN.

v0.9.41.0 - Reliable EKey creation, has -create:tram command which higher version don't have anymore.

Please don't delete version 41 and 54 although they are "old".