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Samer, Bozzman, SeverED, Uroboros
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Face and body texture enhancement for TCTF (Light, Heavy and Black Ops), male and female Cops, Comguys, Mad Bombers, Security Guards, Tankers, Ninjas, Furies, Scientists, Civilians and Training Bots, plus Severed's face textures version 1 for Konoko, Muro, Griffin, Barabas, Furies and Shinatama. Also contains Vicious Reilly's body textures for Konoko genereic. Black Ops and Training-Bot textures by Bozzman. Ninja Body textures by Uroboros.

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Recommended to be used with these mods for full character graphical enhancement:
Konoko HD Armor
Griffin HD
Muro's Wardrobe or Muro HQ Textures Lighter

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