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Adds many new characters and outfits including :

*Casey version 4 ( Konoko's TCTF partner and possile love interest - included 3 out of 6 outfits)
*Kojiro version 2.1 (muro's right hand com-guy, part of the Health Regenrating Skull Team)
*Hayate and Hayate Minions 2.0 ( Hayate a modern-classic warrior -included 3 out of 6 outfits + an easy, med, hard minions)
*Hanako 1.1 ( hayate's partner - included 3 out of 5 outfits )
*ShinatamaBot 2.0 (Shinatama rebuilt into a fighting shinatama)
*Hasegawas 2.0 ( Konokos parents Jamie, James and younger Kerr)
*Jesters 2.1 (Mutant Jester, Male jester minion, female jester minion aka Jessie, mini and giant mutant jester)
*Grey Fury (A fury with unique look and health regeneration , part of the Skull Team - original concept by paradox-01)
*Regenerating Tanker (A tanker with unique look and health regeneration , part of the Skull Team)
*Golden TCTF 2.0 (An elite class of TCTF swats dressed in golden armor, faster and more powerful)
*Casual Tankers (Easy - Med - Hard Tankers i casual clothes a remake of pre-beta Oni content)
*Muro's Suit (Muro in a black suit similar to the one shown in lose screen)
*Female Blackops (Adds 3 blackops Femalecops (Karens) and a blackops tctf outfit for Konoko)
*Updated Shinatama Too (the normal Shinatama can fight remade by Samer original concept by geyser)

REQUIRES character additives to run ( )!

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