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Oni Master
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Truth of the Uncle
v 0.7b3 - by Oni Master

Oni Master site:

What you need: Oni full version. Demo will not do. If Oni - level 12 runs then this should run too. Report any bugs to me, Oni Master at

Level Info: Played on level 12, Neuro.

Installment: Open the folder Game Data Folder. Inside you will find the IMGD folder. Open it. There will be quite a few files. One of them is neuro. The contents is responsible for the scripts for level 12. Change the folder name from neuro to something else, like real_neuro. Copy my neuro folder (it is in the scripts folder) into the IMGD folder. Play on!

How to play: First of all, I suggest you backup your IMGD since this script uses savepoints, your savepoints will be screwed after play. Open the TCTF Science Prison (Level 12) - savepoint 0 to start with or you will be screwed. Start from a savepoint if and only if you have got to it otherwise your play will be screwed and my script will not work properly.

Problems to be fixed: At the pods, if you run away from the guys so they do not notice you, they may fall through after the playback (especially on POD #1). There could be some problems with automatic running of a few functions.

Wanna play original?: To play the original scripts again, change my neuro folder to om_neuro, om is for Oni Master and change real_neuro back to neuro.

Wanna use some of my code?: Please, if you have used one of my concepts refer the concept to Oni Master in the script. This is all I ask ;-). No code is copyrighted, however, you have to refer to people when using their code or ideas.

Special Thanks:

Okay, special thanks to SHAQX for donating me some lines of his code (his fade-in/out let). You can find him at: <--- Oni Presence.

You can find a lot of his scripts their too.

Disclaimer: If anything happens to your computer or you modem burns on fire, it is absolutely not my problem. Not my problem. However, on the otherhand, my scripts use the same functions like in the original game thus your game is not going to crash with my scripts if it didn't crash with the original. On the other hand... a few of these instances and not-workings have occurred even though it was perfect on my computer.

Scripting Sites: If you are looking for a bunch of scripts, you should check out Oni Res, which
has not been updatd in ages... <--- Oni Res.

Play on!

Advertisement: To support the inventor of this script, please sign up on eHarlequin through the banner on the inventor's site.
edit by s10k to fix savepoint 1 issue and crashes on windows.

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