Veracity Chapter Three: The Awakening (Alpha version)

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######## Author: SHAQX

######## Packed by s10k (17-06-2018):
This' the alpha version of the third SHAQX's Veracity Chronicles trilogy script.

## Install

Make a backup of neuro folder in your IGMD and then replace all the files there with the ones in the current zip.

To start the script, start TCTF Science Prison (level 12).

## Other Notes

Note since this' an alpha it is incomplete (that's why I didn't created an AEI package). It has no lose function, so when you die nothing happens. Also the scripts ends when in the acid chamber and nothings happens when you kill all the TCTFs agents on there.

I couldn't contact SHAQX, but I don't think he would mind that we share this, since this' so old (I guess from middle of 2002), so I don't think we will ever seen a finished version :(.

This was a huge jorney to find these scripts it took almost 1 year to find them and I thought they were lost forever. More info here:

A HUGE thanks to WJTW that have found them on their archives and was kindly enough to share them with me.

I just re-packed the scripts to AEI, all the credits go to SHAQX!