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Warning! this mod is only meant for scripters not players, it's incompatible with any other mods that modify any of the original levels, if to be used it's recommended to be used as an only mod.


Flag Map v1.4 written by ZDLO
Thanks to geyser for main ideas, BSL, Oni Menu, support and some code samples.


This script was written to easily navigate and quickly search for needed flags in any Oni level. It can spawn
characters at all flags in one level (unfortunately not at all flags at once). All Flags in the levels are sorted by
well-behaved groups. You can spawn only one group at once (group contains no more than 32 chars/flags). FlagMap menu will
help you to navigate between these groups. Also the menu contains view manager and navigation settings.
Spawned characters will show you flags ID: = with one exception: <10000 HP> = <0>.
Also all characters will show you flag facing. It's the same as characters facing.

Scripts contains 2771 Oni flags in 126 zones (not more than 15 groups/zones per one level).


1) Use forward/backwards movement to change menu meaning.
2) Use stepleft/stepright to change submenu meaning.
3) Press punch to activate submenu point.

Run script under Oni Developer Mode only. Some information about it you can find here.

Also I strongly recommended to use only the next hotkeys:

to use Free Camera Mode which gives you good field of view of all level and its spawned groups with flags ID.
Use buttons for camera navigate:
( = <8,1,5,3>, <4,6> for horizontal rotation, for vertical rotation).

to move Konoko at new camera place to see lines to characters from new position.
I strongly recommended to set new Konoko place in the air only, because you can force out right flag places (some chars
can spawn near they flags if their places are already taken) if you move Konoko on the ground.

<.> and to leave Auto Single Step Mode if you use Developer Mode Navigation. (This hotkeys are missed at OniGalore yet)

DO NOT USE hotkey to kill all chars. Menu will do it automatically.
If you interested WHY: there some problems with chars spawn function. When chars spawn by command they
have got theirs name automatically (from ai_1 to ai_127). When you use hotkey all chars are die, but some of them
still alive in memory (usually only one) until you move camera from his dead body to make it disappear
( is set). And I can't remove they from memory again with because they are already "dead".
So if you will spawn some group again with one dead body at least you will lose first flag at least because new chars
names will start from "ai_2" at least, not "ai_1". Also you can make a "Blam" if you will do it very fast
(with more then one dead body) because "killed" chars are continue to stay at game memory as "alive"...


Script contain two settings items. Its "View Mode" and "Navigation Mode"


Script contain two View Modes: "Special" and "Normal".
First is work on default. Its draw grids, remove environment and particles. It's good for navigating in building like HQ.
Second is work as Oni default with one exclusion: its draw lines to all chars for convenience except two 1 and 13 levels.


You can choose it in game by menu, but you can also change they meaning in script
(if you want use special method on default):

1) Set for Free Mode with which you can see flags ID for short time. You can always renew Flags ID by punch.
Distinguishing feature: This mode need Oni Developer Mode only for camera navigation.
2) Set for Developer Mode with which you can see flags ID for all time.
Distinguishing feature: This mode will set single_step= 1 automatically. So you have to enable Oni Developer Mode and
Free Camera Mode BEFORE spawn group. Also you have to unlock single_step manually for future work.

on default. You will find it at the 10 line in every bsl file.

You will find additional information here.
Some of htm files can help you to understand scripts navigation and even make your flag searching without this scritp.
Also they can provide you to create new flag groups if you don't like mine.

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