Truth of the Uncle

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Truth of the Uncle
v 0.7b3 - by Oni Master

Uses level 12 Science Prison - Savepoint 0

Concept: did Kerr die? No. It was only just a hologram animation block. And, the black ops didn't shoot a mercury bow bullet: instead of adding a Mercury Bow ammo he decided to add a cell from Van De Graff. Projected by huge speed, the doctor got shocked for a few hours and later resumed his work. It seemed that this had been all prepared.
CHALLANGE: Konoko decides to visit her uncle again. Possibly for the last time. However, this will be harder than before. Somehow the TCTF had anticipated this visit.

It's recommended to backup the persist.dat since this script modifies savepoints, your savepoints will be screwed after play.

Known problems: At the pods, if you run away from the guys so they do not notice you, they may fall through after the playbac(especially on POD #1). There could be some problems with automatic running of a few functions.

Report any bugs to me, Oni Master at
Wanna use some of my code?: Please, if you have used one of my concepts refer the concept to Oni Master in the script. This is all I ask ;-). No code is copyrighted, however, you have to refer to people when using their code or ideas.
special thanks to SHAQX for donating me some lines of his code (his fade-in/out let).
s10k to fix savepoint 1 issue and crashes on windows.

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