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Adds a custom character, Naomi.

Custom animations made by Scarlett (back-forward kick, taunts, idle1, forward kick, forward throws, powerup).
Custom moveset.
Custom chenille and contrail.
Able to link combos with another combo, throws, super moves.
She also uses some moves from other custom characters such as Sarai and Hanako.

Changes to v1.2:
New kick throw from behind added.

Changes to v1.3:
Can now do 4 punch combo
New 3 kick combo to prevent kick button spamming.
New forward-punch throw.
Custom combat stance, Fan Zi.
Custom pistol idle.
Naomi's new hunter costume.
Teleporting dodges for hunter and special Naomi.
No texture changes yet except for the hair which is now full white instead of red and white.

Changes to v1.4:
New costume.
New sweep.
New forward punch move.
Exclusively for the new costume:
Getup forward and back kick.
New kick throw.
3 new taunts.
New back forward kick.
Also of note: The Super Punch now has some vulnerabilities to help balance the character.

For feedback and screenshots visit this thread
screenshot here

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