Taxonomy - Install Methods

Term description

No installation process is involved because the file is a modding tool or some other file/program that simply gets dropped somewhere on your hard drive.


This mod installs itself by .bat or .sh, or any other scripting language or standalone installer application.

File swap

This mod merely requires the user to replace some files in the vanilla Oni directory with others, e.g. replacing original BSL files with this mod's BSLs, or replacing the Oni executable with this mod's patched version. The second-easiest user-performed Install Method. Please encourage the user to back up their original files somewhere rather than overwriting them, if these files have the same name as the originals. Note:If your mod is in .oni format, you want to choose the "OniSplit import" type instead.

OniSplit import

This mod requires the use of OniSplit to incorporate the enclosed files into Oni's binaries. Moderate difficulty.


The Anniversary Edition mod package format consists of subfolders of .oni files and a Mod_Info.cfg file that provides information about the mod. (Full format description is here.) The packages then appear in the AE Installer, allowing the user to easily add the mod to his Oni installation.


This mod is a self-contained plug-in that gets dropped into the GameDataFolder. If it is Mac-compatible, please be aware of the Mac's severe limitation in this regard: the user can only safely add one plug-in to the GDF at a time.