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EdT, s10k
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Old China is based on the Forbidden City. Mukade has taken over this historic site and is using it as the ninja's training grounds.

Can you work your way up to top ninja?

Discussion thread here.

v1.0g Mar. 5, 2022
Fixed an incompatibility with new hanako. It will also now use the new custom portraits for casey and hayate. Also fixed a dependency, it should have a dependency on the custom melee profiles 23901 not 23900.
v1.0f Jun. 5, 2020
Balance changes, renamed Regenerating Tanker to Brontes and Regenerating Fury to Eris, now we use Motoko package directly on windows, since she has now
very few custom particles
v1.0e Jan. 6, 2014
Included Dashing AI as dependency. Without it some problems occur in cutscenes and some gameplay doesn't work as intended.
v1.0d June 9, 2013
Changed the melee profile of some major characters as requested by Samer.

Uses level 24.

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If you wonder why this page was submitted by me, I accidently deleted this page but just wanted to add a missing script folder.
Now it's up again.