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EdT, Mengjun
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The Hexagon now has pathfinding grids. Includes the script Against All Odds by Mengjun

Against All Odds (AAO) is a survival-type mod for the Hexagon level, in which you'll have to survive while groups of increasingly more enemies try to kill you. After every round, you'll receive a little bit of health as reward. You can earn hypos by completing specific objectives, such as completing a round before the timer runs out. Every 10 rounds, there is a boss fight, which will give you more HP on completion. The final 10 rounds will be in an "Afterlife" setting, in which you will face all bosses again.

Version History:
Version 0.15
- Rounds 1 to 15, with link to round 100
- Round 100 revamped (exchanged Barabas and Konoko/Muro within the programme =D)
- Fixed timer issue
- Revamped bonus system (You get points instead of hypos, and every 5 points gives you a hypo)
- Fight rating system
- "Deadly Efficiency" bonus (Worth 2 points)
- "Swift Strike/Domination/Obliteration" bonus (Worth 1/2/4 points)
- "Confidence/Arrogance" bonus (Worth 1/2 points)
Version 0.1
- Rounds 1 to 10
- "Swift Strike" bonus (Worth 1 hypo)

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