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EdT, geyser, Mengjun
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Hexagon was one of the community's earliest experiments in level creation. The model was created by Alamo and distributed freely on 3D Warehouse. Hexagon now includes the script Against All Odds by Mengjun.

Against All Odds (AAO) is a survival-type mod in which you'll face increasingly large groups of enemies. After every round, you'll receive a little bit of health as reward. You can earn hypos by completing specific objectives, such as completing a round before the timer runs out. Every 10 rounds there is a boss fight, which will give you more HP on completion. The final 10 rounds are in an "Afterlife" setting in which you face all bosses again.

Version History:
Version 0.15
- Rounds 1 to 15, with link to round 100
- Round 100 revamped (exchanged Barabas and Konoko/Muro within the program =D)
- Fixed timer issue
- Revamped bonus system (you get points instead of hypos, and every 5 points gives you a hypo)
- Fight rating system
- "Deadly Efficiency" bonus (worth 2 points)
- "Swift Strike/Domination/Obliteration" bonus (worth 1/2/4 points)
- "Confidence/Arrogance" bonus (worth 1/2 points)
Version 0.1
- Rounds 1 to 10
- "Swift Strike" bonus (Worth 1 hypo)

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