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Samer, EdT, s10K
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Adds a New Level: Chapter 25 - Fight Club
Fight your way through the 25 rounds and be crowned the Fight Club Champion!
Features 6 different arenas and 8 savepoints consisting of 25 rounds of increasing difficulty vs. Custom Made Characters and original characters.
Meant to be played on Hard Mode.

For more info, screenshots and support visit this thread.
You can see a preview of this mod in this YouTube video.

Update 1.2.1:
Note from Iritscen: I don't know what changed from 1.1 to 1.2, but I have now corrected class names in the mod (kojiro_b -> kojiro_com and grey_fury -> reg_fury) to reflect their new names, and added Motoko as a dependency since she is present in the mod. There should be no more crashes or wrong character spawns, but let me know if you see any.

Update 1.1:
Characters now use custom melee profiles which allow them to utilize their unique moves.
Casey, Hayate, Jester, Kojiro and Rayman's fighting is thus greatly improved.
you can see a video preview of the improved final round here.

EdT: building and importing the level's geometry
s10k: major level scripting
Samer: mod concept\idea, texture modifications, additional scripting
andreika: original creator of the final arena - imported by geyser.

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