Wilderness Preserve - Hasegawa Adventure

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This package adds a new level : Chapter 17 - Wilderness Preserve - Hasegawa Adventure.

Join Konoko's parents, James and Jamie Hasegawa, in their adventure to expose the dirty secrets the government is hiding.
Experience first hand the story Konoko only read about.

Requirements: (Older versions are not accepted)
Hasegawa package version 2.1
New Weapons Collection version 2.0

For more info, screenshots and support visit this thread.

* Different Gameplay Elements: Stealth, Fighting, Puzzles, Platforming and more !
* 3 different Difficulty modes: Easy - Normal and Hard. Hard is recommended for Oni veterans.
* Play as James Hasegawa (whose custom move set is a bit similar to Muro's) with Jamie as a very useful partner that helps in fighting and overcoming obstacles.
* Featuring brand new enemies and utilizing the new weapons.
* Several cutscenes and references to dream lab tie this level to the main story and give it its own unique story as well.
* Custom soundtrack and music created specifically for this level thanks to Menger&Meeseter Soundtracks.
* Objective pages and Hints help you figure out what you're supposed to do.
* Many other surprises!

*Edt: Building the level's basic geometry and BNVs, Mac conversion, various help and support.
*Menger & Meester Soundtracks: Making the level's 3 awesome music soundtracks - Forest, Ominous Forest, Sad Flashback.
*Ltemplar: Making the plants and rocks objects.
*Bozzman: Some of his texture work of crates, doors, consoles and furniture was modified and used.
*DarkLitria: Her artwork was used for James' and Jamie's avatars.
*paradox-01: His Mod Tool Addon and tutorials made modding this level easier.

Walkthrough Videos: (done on Hard Mode)
Save Point 0 - Intro
Save Point 1 - Sneaking In
Save Point 2 - We're In !
Save Point 3 - The Pit
Save Point 4 - Into The Cave
Save Point 5 - The Vat done on Hard and Easy
Save Point 6 - Surprise!
Save Point 7 and 8 - Lasers
Save Point 9 - Spooky Forest
Save Point 9 - Outro
Hint to find bonus secret: "Such a beautiful view from up here, such a shame only Jamie can see it"
Save Point ? - Bonus Secret

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