New Combat Moves for Konoko (Instant Unlock)

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This mod offers new animations for Konoko - this version of the mod has them unlocked from the start. Recommended if you have finished the game with this mod before or are familiar with the available moves.
All of the added moves can be viewed in Konoko's diary for instructions.
1. Punch Kick combo (P,K). High risk combo like the Sledgehammer Heel, but useful; it staggers on block long enough to launch a throw afterwards.
2. (v1.1) Just Frame (JF) Forward Punch. JF means you have to press both forward and the attack key at the exact same frame.
The regular forward punch is now "delayed", which means, that after pressing forward, you have to wait at least a single frame to press punch.
3. (v1.1) JF Forward Kick. Exactly the same as JF forward punch, except this is a kick.
4. (v1.1) Muro's neck snap. Replaces Konoko's old back punch throw, which IMO didn't fit and felt like a punishment for the player.
Faster than the Backbreaker, but a bit weaker, so you still need the Backbreaker on tougher enemies.
5. (v1.1) The Crescent Moon Kick is now far easier to execute.
6. (v1.2) Twister Dodge. Konoko gets two escape moves with input identical to Twister Kick, with the exception that you press crouch instead of kick - (Left/Right + Forward + Crouch) Properly executed, the move gives you a window for a back throw.
7. (v1.2) Sprinting Throw. Muro's running throw is now available for Konoko as a... sprinting throw. That's right - you get Lariat as a running throw, and Muro's necksnap as a new sprinting throw. In addition, it also knocks down enemies like the Lariat.
8. (v1.2) BONUS: This mod comes with two new, though simple, variations of Leucha's HD Konoko (which is why this mod requires it) - one of them is now the default model for the Training Level. Might give you a hint on some ideas that I'm trying to do :)
9. (v1.3) Rifle-to-Rifle and Rifle-to-Pistol Disarms - you can now disarm your opponents while you're holding a rifle, regardless if they're holding a pistol or a rifle. Works both as a static forward throw and as a running throw - you'll be using mainly the latter, as it's impractical from a static position. Also works on enemies running away from you, e.g. Screaming Cannon users.
10. (v1.3) For the first time ever, KPK combo! Staggers your opponent and takes a step back to create some distance and function as a quasi-escape move.
11. (v1.3) First two kicks in the KKK combo get frame-buffed, i.e. they are now faster. Ninjas can't touch this. Except Mukade, of course.
12. (v1.4) Sprinting Kick. It's like the regular running kick except you do it when sprinting, and Konoko will also spin in mid-air. Deals more damage, and it's actually two animations in one - Konoko will kick with either her right or left leg depending on when you perform the attack.
13. (v1.4) Kick Rifle Disarm. Completely new rifle disarm - punch your opponent and send him flying with their own rifle, hitting everything on the way, like most of Konoko's throws.
14. (v1.5) All of the added moves can now be viewed in Konoko's diary for instructions.
15. (v1.5) KPP combo. Sweep your enemies off the floor like unwanted toys!
16. (v1.5) Back Pistol Punch Disarm. Replaces the vanilla disarm, allowing you to throw your enemy on the floor and stomp their neck. Only a true demon can survive that!
17. (v1.5) Forward Pistol Punch Disarm. Replaces the vanilla disarm, allowing you to instead toss your enemy onto the floor with a wrist lock, hitting anyone in the path and ending it with a pistol whip to the face.
Additional tweaks:
18. (v1.5) Forward Punch Throw gets attack frames. Anyone behind the enemy will now get hit with 57 kilograms of a pissed off, purple haired, superhuman martial artist somersaulting on their heads :)
19. (v1.5) Just Frame attacks introduced in 1.1 and Konoko's vanilla forward kick and punch get a single soft pause frame in order to prevent spamming JFs.
20. (v1.5) The new Punch Rifle disarm gets removed and the vanilla Punch Rifle disarm is now restored, and also now has fixed particles and sounds on the target. However, due to limited amount of animtypes, it's affected in this mod by the animtype death bug - if you kill an enemy with this disarm, the animation on them will get interrupted the moment they die.