Taxonomy - Mod Types

Term description

This mod will alter existing animations (or animation effects) for existing characters or add new animations/effects to existing characters. This mod is not for adding new characters who happen to have original animations, which is considered type "Character".

Anniversary Edition

This is the category devoted just to the actual Anniversary Edition for Windows and the Mac. So, basically, there are only ever two files under this category, the .zips for each platform.


This mod will alter either the behavior or the appearance of a character, or add an entirely new character.

New Level

Entirely new levels (in other words, new 3D maps) for Oni go here.


This mod cannot be categorized using an existing term. Use with great reluctance. If you feel that there should be another category of mod that would describe this file, do not upload your mod here until you have e-mailed the administrator with your idea for a category.


A new or improved particle effect for characters, objects, or weapons.


This mod is actually a patch which fixes a bug in, or alters the behavior of, the Oni executable.


This mod is a newly-scripted challenge/cutscene/mini-game using existing Oni resources.


This mod will alter the appearance or resolution of Oni's environmental textures or add entirely new textures. This is not the category to use for modded character model textures; use "Character" instead. For modded weapon textures, use "Weapon" instead.


A modding tool!


This mod translates some or all of the text in Oni to another language.


This mod will either alter the appearance or behavior of an existing weapon, or add an entirely new weapon to Oni.