Mods (filtered by "Windows + Both")

Package Number Mod Namesort descending Creator Last Updated Categories Download Link(s)
70100 Mukade's Clones Loser 2012/12/27 Both, Package, Script
70101 Mukade's Crazy Escape Loser 2013/04/13 Package, Script, Windows 70101Mukade'
13000 Multi-Use Explosive Paradox-01 2012/12/27 Both, Package, Weapon
99902 Muro Daodan Plasma Demo Paradox-01 2013/04/13 Both, Character, Package, Particle
28100 Muro HQ Textures Vicious Reilly 2013/04/13 Both, Character, Package, Texture
28101 Muro HQ Textures Lighter Vicious Reilly 2013/01/20 Both, Character, Package, Texture
99903 Muro Kamehameha Demo Paradox-01 2013/04/13 Both, Character, Package, Particle
80230 Muro's Lair - Mission 1 EdT 2013/05/08 Both, New Level, Package
22250 Muro's Wardrobe Samer, ViciousReilly, Severed 2014/01/06 Both, Character, Package, Texture Muro'
12000 New Weapons Collection ONIrules, Gumby, Geyser, Samer, Paradox-01 2013/11/11 Both, Package, Weapon
53500 Ninja and Akane Combat Animations Mukade 2013/04/28 Animation, Both, Package
45000 Ninja Shadow Dash Gumby 2013/04/04 Animation, Both, Package, Particle
No Cutscenes ssg 2013/02/09 Both, File swap, Script
83000 Nyan Cat Easter Egg Saraj00n, Paradox-01 2013/01/20 Both, Other, Package
80200 Obsolete - Arena of Hurt - OTA EdT 2013/07/05 Both, New Level, Package
77771 Obsolete - Arena of Hurt - Zen Garden EdT, Leus, Samer 2013/07/05 Both, New Level, Package, Script
80280 Old China EdT, s10k 2014/01/06 Both, New Level, Package
10 Oni game app (Windows) Bungie, Take Two 2013/01/26 Package, Patch, Windows
8050 Oni Key Editor s10k 2013/06/09 Both, Package, Tool
Oni Key Editor Script10k 2010/09/07 (none), Both, Tool,
90225 Oni Master's Mukade Spasm Oni Master 2014/03/16 Both, Package, Script
Oni Model Extractor (OME) Kuchumov Nikolay 2010/04/01 (none), Both, Tool ome.rar
Oni SaveGame Editor (OSGE) (Windows) Tobias Opfermann 2009/04/12 (none), Tool, Windows
Oni Script Editor Tyr 2009/03/29 (none), Tool, Windows Oni Script
Oni Script Installer s10k 2013/06/09 (none), Both, Tool
Oni Trainer Alloc 2013/02/09 (none), Tool, Windows
77770 Oni Zen Garden Roof Leus 2013/05/16 Both, Package, Script
OniBrowser Neo 2013/02/18 (none), Tool, Windows
OniSplit Neo 2014/01/19 (none), Both, Tool,,,,,,,,,,,
0 OniSplit (AEI) Neo 2014/02/09 Both, Package, Tool