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Package Number Mod Name Creator Last Updatedsort descending Categories Download Link(s)
81001 City Parkour EdT 2013/07/12 Both, New Level, Package
81000 City EdT 2013/09/01 Both, New Level, Package
80310 Island EdT 2013/09/06 Both, New Level, Package
11000 Better Weapons Geyser, Gumby 2013/11/03 Both, Package, Weapon
22006 Sam Mega Pack - Conversion Samer 2013/11/09 Both, Character, Package, Script
12000 New Weapons Collection ONIrules, Gumby, Geyser, Samer, Paradox-01 2013/11/11 Both, Package, Weapon
23900 Character Additives Samer 2013/12/17 Both, Character, Package
Lab level files Neo 2014/01/04 Both, OniSplit import, Other
80280 Old China EdT, s10k 2014/01/06 Both, New Level, Package
22250 Muro's Wardrobe Samer, ViciousReilly, Severed 2014/01/06 Both, Character, Package, Texture Muro'
23300 Hasegawas Samer 2014/01/11 Both, Character, Package
23350 Camo Guards Samer 2014/01/17 Both, Character, Package
90221 Tom's Battlefield Script Tom Aysom 2014/01/18 Both, Package, Script
90220 Tom's Arena Script Tom Aysom 2014/01/18 Both, Package, Script
82500 Wilderness Preserve - Hasegawa Adventure Samer, EdT, Others 2014/01/27 Both, New Level, Package
(old) Vago GUI (AEI1 and source code) s10k 2014/01/29 (none), Tool, Windows (old),
Mac Services Iritscen 2014/01/29 File swap, Tool, Mac OS Compress (Windows-friendly).zip,
Convert oni to,
Find changes to oni
32500 H2W System Loser 2014/02/08 Both, Package, Particle
5000 Unlock All Moves Gumby 2014/02/09 Animation, Both, Package
0 OniSplit (AEI) Neo 2014/02/09 Both, Package, Tool
34100 Perceptible Blood Gumby, s10k 2014/02/10 Both, Package, Particle
2000 Globalization Fixes for Characters geyser 2014/02/16 Both, Character, Package
32000 Dangerous Glass Shards geyser 2014/02/27 Both, Package, Particle
31000 Glass Breaking Moves Gumby, geyser, s10k, Iritscen 2014/03/05 Animation, Both, Package
32101 Stand Glass s10k 2014/03/06 Both, Package, Particle
53000 Disarm Revamp Gumby, Iritscen 2014/03/12 Animation, Both, Package
41000 Domino Knockdowns Loser, Iritscen 2014/03/15 Animation, Both, Package
90225 Oni Master's Mukade Spasm Oni Master 2014/03/16 Both, Package, Script
90226 Truth of the Uncle Oni Master 2014/03/16 Both, Package, Script
80240 Parkour Challenge 2 EdT 2014/04/24 Both, New Level, Package